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"Consciously choose to save money today! (eg. bagged your lunch and bring your water instead of buying, etc.) saved this money into a special jar and deposit it into your long-term savings account. Watch how quickly it can accumulate!"
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"Whatever you do, put romance and enthusiasm into the life of our children." - Margaret Ramsey MacDonald

"People seldom improve when they have no model but themselves to copy after." - Oliver Goldsmith
Astrology - Aries


Message: Steady Progress
Despite a rocky start, you have some great ideas for steady progress, especially if you are connected with education, local projects or sales. Get them clear by lunchtime if you can, because the cosmos gets grumpier as the day goes on. There is a sense then that older people are not on your side and this could be depressing. If you feel tired or blocked tonight, go to bed early and get a good night's sleep. Favourable colours are pale grey and charcoal. Lucky numbers are 8 and 12.

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