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"Whenever you spend money on worth-while things today, say silently to yourself, 'Whatever I spend comes back to me ten-fold!'"
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"If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything." - Mark Twain

"May the world we leave our children be a better one than was left to us. " - First Nations Philosophy
Astrology - Cancer


Message: Energy Deficit
Where's all your energy gone? You're feeling lethargic and lacking in confidence, and you want to have as lazy a day as possible. This is great if you can put your feet up and do nothing, but can you? You'll have to make a big effort if you've got to go to work, and make sure that your listless mood doesn't invite criticism or suspicions that you don't have your eye on the ball. Ambitious colours are banana yellow and peacock blue. Lucky numbers are 7 and 29.

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