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"Consciously choose to save money today! (eg. bagged your lunch and bring your water instead of buying, etc.) saved this money into a special jar and deposit it into your long-term savings account. Watch how quickly it can accumulate!"
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"Vini, Vici, Vidi (I came, I saw, I conquered)." - William Shakespeare

"That which you are seeking is causing you to seek." - Cheri Huber
Astrology - Gemini


Message: Willpower And Drive
You have tremendous willpower and drive, so put them to good use. You're in one of those moods in which you feel you could do almost anything, and you're particularly interested in rising to challenges. You obviously feel that you've got something to prove, but don't take things to extremes or inflict your desires on others against their will. Auspicious colours are bronze and violet. Lucky numbers are 15 and 69.

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