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"Did you know that breathing through your nostrils will reduce the polluted air you inhale when exercising outdoors? Try it!"
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"I've learned that when someone is looking sad, or says something bad happened, never say, 'What's the matter?' or 'What's wrong?' Always say, 'Do you want to talk about it? I'm here for you.'" - Anonymous

"Judge your success by what you have to give up in order to get it." - Dalai Lama
Astrology - Gemini


Message: Full Moon
Today's Full Moon will emphasize the financial side of life during the coming fortnight. This has been a big theme for you recently and other preoccupations will soon take its place, but in the meantime you need to tidy up any loose ends. Make any changes that will benefit you, such as switching to a credit card with a lower rate of interest than you're currently charged. Revealing colours are sage and lavender. Lucky numbers are 10 and 60.

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