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"If you are trading in the stock market and a sudden doubts strike you in any particular trade, consider getting out and/or staying out."
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"Seek not to put yourself down but rather to surpass yourself. Strive to improve on your own performance. The most effective competitors are those who set their own challenges and then surpass them." - Anonymous

"Fast Ripe, Fast Rotten." - Proverb
Astrology - Leo


Message: Stronger And Intimate
The relationship between you and a certain person will become much stronger and more intimate today if you follow your instincts. Let this person into your life, perhaps by confiding in them or by letting them talk to you, or by working together to make your alliance more rewarding and enriching. What happens now could transform this relationship for ever. Beneficial colours are terracotta and magenta. Lucky numbers are 37 and 21.

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