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"So, you love coffee and/or tea, eh? Now, before you take that cup of coffee or tea, have 2 cups of water. It will help to reverse diuretic effects, and you can enjoy by knowing that you took care of yourself first before indulging!"
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"It is no use trying to sum people up. One must follow hints, not exactly what is said, nor yet entirely what is done." - Virginia Woolf

"Anything that is of value in life only multiples when it is given." - Deepak Chopra
Astrology - Leo


Message: Tackle Your Chores
It's a great day for getting on with whatever needs to be done, especially if you have a pile of work waiting for you or a long list of chores that need to be tackled. Rather than thinking of them as tedious duties, you're ready to give them your best shot and to enjoy yourself while you sort them out. If only every day were this productive and satisfying! Favourable colours are rust red and mushroom. Lucky numbers are 2 and 60.

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