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"If you are trading in the stock market and a sudden doubts strike you in any particular trade, consider getting out and/or staying out."
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"Seek not to put yourself down but rather to surpass yourself. Strive to improve on your own performance. The most effective competitors are those who set their own challenges and then surpass them." - Anonymous

"Fast Ripe, Fast Rotten." - Proverb
Astrology - Scorpio


Message: Demanding
Someone in your life needs plenty of time and attention and they're being rather demanding. They haven't gone completely over the top but nevertheless you feel you've got to dance to their tune in order to keep them sweet. This is very nice of you, but don't make a rod for your own back or set a precedent that will be hard to keep up. Favourable colours are pistachio and grape. Lucky numbers are 17 and 42.

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