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"Take 30 minutes today to flash your life years back, feel the pain and the joy. Then relate them with your present character and life. Improve, get rid or perfect them."
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"One moon shows in every pool; in every pool, the one moon." - Zen Saying

"You're not going to know how to do what you want to do until you do it." - Napolean Hill
Astrology - Virgo


Message: Planets
There's a constrained and restrained atmosphere between you and your partner today, which is very uncomfortable. It's making you feel lonely and as though the world is against you; the planets aren't. Try not to brood on how miserable you're feeling, but instead do something constructive to cheer yourself up. This is just a chilly phase between you and you-know-who, that will soon pass. Favourable colours are kiwifruit and navy. Lucky numbers are 2 and 27.

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