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"Ask yourself what is one small thing that I could do today that will really make a difference to my finances?"
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"I felt incomplete so I bought myself a suit. Something was missing so I purchased some shoes. Something else was lacking so I got myself a car. Still feeling a void I bought a house. In total desperation I mended my soul, And I never went without again." - Deborah Ann Smith

"I think, therefore I am." - Rene Descartes
Astrology - Virgo


Message: Fantastic Company
Someone's in a very expansive and gregarious mood, making them fantastic company. This person might be a neighbour, close relative or someone else you see on a regular basis. It's a good day for getting involved in a local activity but make sure you don't get carried away and volunteer your services for more things than you have time for. It will be embarrassing to have to pull out at a later date. Ideal colours are burgundy and dark gold. Lucky numbers are 6 and 61.

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