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"If you are in the stock market, never stop learning. The market is always changing and you should always be learning. Even professionals continue to learn. Put your education first."
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"Look at a day when you are supremely satisfied at the end. It's not a day when you lounge around doing nothing; it's when you've had everything to do, and you've done it." - Margaret Thatcher

"To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly." - Henri Bergson

Our company, iCelles is primarily engaged, through its active and passionate founder Mr. Cae Hiew and business affiliates & partners, in providing software consulting services, developing proprietary software products, enabling business in the Internet, maximizing organizations’ competitive advantage, efficiency, profit and productivity; as well as IT based business solutions, viz. undertake and revitalized failed IT projects, paperless office, document archiving, Business Process Automation, Networking, ERP, intranet, knowledge management, online collaboration system, web design, web hosting, online education/training system, IP telephony, software support, training services and much more…

iCelles had emphasized on its core segment of web portal through its own custom-made system iWebSys, custom corporate presentation, marketing material (e-brochures, company profile, catalogs etc.) and internet marketing business, as well as its application support services for key major accounts in Singapore, Indonesia, China, Thailand and Hong Kong; with products and services that are provided to various industries including communications, chemicals, molding, financial, publishing, consumer products, construction, engineering, healthcare and technology.



Ever wonder what and how the successful family teach and train their children?

Ever wonder why many poor families have children grown up to be tough, strong and diligence psychologically, emotionally and physically to embrace and live their life without worries from their parents?

Our EntreLifeCAMP will do just that! We teach and train your precious childs and cultivate their characters to face the ever challenging and complex world, which we are living now.

We believe that the successful lives live by successful people are founded with-in NOT with-out. It's what inside your child that matters the most... being more and more social problems related to the mind, soul and emotion erupted in recent years.

IAM - Inner Approach Mentoring/Methods

Ever wonder who you really are after snoozing and stuporing your life for 10 years or more?

Feel like your life is heading no way?
Lost and living daily with uncertainties?
Unhappy about the life journey you are traveling thus far?

Graduated but don't have any hints or clues of what options you may have in your study or career?

We can help you to understand and know yourself better. Our IAM's 3 prongs approach will venture into and uncover the inner you... with our IAM profiling and analysis, you can make better judgment and decision on your life.


Does your company's employees lack the motivation and spirit to grow?

Or, are your employees run dry on creativity and ideas to innovate and expand your company's revenue?

Is teamwork or conflict a continuous issue?

We have the right tools to sparks up your people to grow your company. Contact us to find out more on corporate motivation, coaching and training.


Since year 2000, Mr.Cae Hiew has been actively contributing his time in counseling the global community. His vast experience of counseling and coaching dated back to the year 1991. Cae Hiew's soft, tender, compassionate, sensitive, caring but professional approach in pacifying broken relationships and tormented souls had earned him reputation around the world, especially in Asia.

He actively shares his thoughts, gives one-to-one counseling and inspires a group of active community with 11,000 members; namely "LifeCoaches Group" since 1999 to date.

Cae Hiew strength is in human relationship, especially when the topic "LOVE" is mentioned... parents love, siblings love, friends love, relatives love, elderly love, nature's love and lover's love.

You may be able to catch him "LIVE" in Windows Live Messenger. Sign up "LifeCoaches" today to juice yourself with inspiring newsletters!!

Stress Cleansing Session Mr.Cae splashes them with refreshing feeling...

Cae Hiew addressing to Lions and Leo Club of Malaysia in an overnight camp

Mr.Cae and his date with Sirim Malaysia on Half day rejuvenation camp

>> Click here: iMoments << ...for more pictures


Since 1989, Mr. Cae Hiew has started to accumulate his experience and knowledge in the field of computer, systems, communication and information technology. He worked with organization as small as 20 employees to organization of 1000+ employees covering more than 6 countries from SMEs to MNCs.

Mr. Hiew, had worked in senior management level, as manager, group manager, consultant and trainer for more than 9 years in 4 organizations of different core businesses and sizes. In his field of service where IT is mentioned, Mr. Cae Hiew had collaborated with major clients and accounts from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Korea, America and Europe.

Projects which Cae Hiew successfully championed are application software and integrated solutions, such as ERP, SCM, CRM, Websystem (Content Management System), Green Policy (paperless) office, document archiving, IT division auditing and cost saving, intranet, B2B and B2C solutions.

On top of pioneering the IT business of iCelles Sdn. Bhd., Cae Hiew is also the vice president of Malaysia-Thailand Langkasuka Muay Thai Kick-boxing Association, chief instructor for Asia's World Kuk Sul Do Union martial arts and he is also active in serving the community in non-profit activities. He is the founder of LifeCoaches internet counseling group with 11 thousand members spread around the world, which is founded since 1999. His latest projects are plantation of herbs for natural phytotherapy in his Materia Medica Herbs Garden (under BioCelles brand name) and also preserving natures and historic sites through alliance with nature societies ( ).
With Mr. Cae Hiew 15+ years experiences in the field of counseling and coaching dealing and meeting people of different creed, background and religion . With all type of problems and issues all over the world... all these had chiseled him to live a passionate and compassionate life.

Few of Mr. Cae Hiew most famous quotes:
  • "When people ask me how to make a dream comes true, I said 'STOP dreaming, WAKE UP! And take MASSIVE actions!!' "

  • "Nike said, ‘Just do it!"; I say, ‘I just did it!’ ".

  • "Don't just have goals and visions for your career; life needs goal too. Make living to the age of 100 your life's ultimate goal and vision! Then, you will start to adjust and have plans on taking good care of your health to get there."

  • "A warm, throbbing, passionate, loving heart will heal all sicknesses. A weaken, tired, lethargic heart will incinerate love; thus incite sicknesses."

  • "Love is the fuel of life... without love, life barely exist. We need family's love, friend's love, spouse's love, siblings' love, lover's love, all kind of loves and mostly God's love. As long as we are alived, we need LOVES to blend our life with energy, passion, motivation, action... and mainly we need LOVES to live!! Life is about loving, life is about living!! Let's live, let's love!!"

  • "Thinking of doing it, is a '?', taking massive action to do it, is an '!'."

  • "You can't drive your car without fuel and you can't drive your life without passion."

  • "Fill your life with quality memories. When you are old or sick enough waiting to pass away, it's your memories that accompany you till your last breath."

  • "Life is about living every heart-beat and every moment completely and wholeheartedly."

  • "Work like you don't need the money, money will follow; Love like you've never been hurt and your love will grow; Dance like nobody's watching and your dance will glow; Sing like nobody's listening and your song will mellow; Live like it's Heaven on Earth and you will know that a great life you have sowed!!"

  • "When I say 'round', what do you see? Majority a ball. When I say 'sharp', what do you see? Some knife, some needle and some scissors. But 'round' and 'sharp' could be vigilant or astute manner of a person. Now, when I say 'success', what do you see? Yes, YOU!! 'Success' is why and what you're here for... in your life!"

  • "It will take you more than your entire life to master life."

  • "Love makes your heart young again and magically erase all your wrinkles. So, start loving!"

  • "Cinta membuat jiwamu muda kembali dan menghilangkan semua keriput. Jadi, mulailah mencintai!"

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